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SD Marketing specializes in opt-in data &
marketing platforms for home based business marketers.

Why Choose SD Marketing?

We have been selling leads, data, and systems for over 10 years!

Hi, I'm Steve Davis

I've been involved with the home based business arena for almost 20 years. I have sold leads, data feeds, and marketing & support systems to literally THOUSANDS of networkers throughout the years.

Many of my customers are six, seven and even eight figure earners in the home based business arena.

At SD Marketing we are CONSTANTLY changing our inventory, whether its data or marketing platforms, to what is working/converting NOW/TODAY.
Marketing is always changing ….especially in the MLM/Direct Sales world.

Please check out our CURRENT inventory below to view our recommended sales data and marketing platforms.

We offer 2 primary types of leads

Mobile Biz Op leads and Networker leads

As stated earlier, we often change leads that we carry based on what successful marketers are using TODAY. The days of email and bulk surveyed leads are long gone. Right now most marketers I speak with are looking for mobile/cell phone opt-in data. The reason for this is the emergence of “ringless voice mail” technology. Ringless Voice Mail Drops have replaced voice broadcasting in the past few years and this type of marketing requires cell phone numbers.

The other type of lead we offer is our “Networker” lead. These are people who have been in some type of home based business or direct sales either currently or in the past. These could be marketers who have been involved in network marketing, direct sales as an independent agent (insurance, real estate etc..), an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur.

Order Lead Packages Below

** Please allow 24 hours for delivery, all leads will be delivered via Excel CSV to your email address. **

Bulk Networker Leads

All Leads Are Phone Numbers Only

25,000 Networker Leads - $99

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50,000 Networker Leads - $149

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100K Networker Leads - $249

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Absolutely No Refunds... All Sales Are Final.

Home Biz Op Seekers (Cell)

All Leads Below Are Cell Phone Opt-Ins.
Full Data Leads Are Less Than 60 Days Old.

**Includes: Name, Address, Email, Cell Phone, Time/Date Stamp

10,000 Biz Op Leads (Cell) - $99

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25,000 Biz Op Leads (Cell) - $199

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50,000 Biz Op Leads (Cell) - $299

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Absolutely No Refunds... All Sales Are Final.

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Need a particular type of lead?

Looking for a specific type of lead?

WE only advertise the 2 types above as they are 80% of what we sell. If you are looking for something else though, let us know through the form below.

Looking for larger quantities?

Again, we do not have ALL options available as the ones listed are the most popular sizes. We do have TEAM packages, as well as a great discount on team packages…contact us below to discuss!

Looking for marketing systems, scripts, support, training, or anything else?

If so, please leave a message for us in the box below or contact us via phone (404-371-9871).

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